Education has failed Disabled Vets, Single Mothers and Hopeless Kids. There is a new dynamic that is changing the world – Digital.

Imagine films that provide education that are:

  1. Inspirational, fun to watch, based on George Foreman’s book “Knockout Entrepreneur”.
  2. Inspirational and educational that people will watch, enjoy and use to succeed in their lives. 

Our mission is to digitally preserve the true stories of our modern Texas Heroes (Everyone from Jesse Jones to you) to empower, educate and inspire the next generation of leaders through entrepreneurship.

Incorporated in the script will be the 1, 2, 3’s of starting a business, keeping records facing defeat and beginning again. If they can do it, you can do it.

The need has touched the hearts of generous Houstonians.  Everything for this party has been donated, but the valet and serving staff. 

5 Superstars have waived their 6 figure fees * 10 Talented Houstonians * House * Tent * Food * Wine/liquor * Texas Turbines Band (Doctors from the Medical Center) * DJ’s * Exotic Cars * Dancing Horses * Carriages * Labor * even Miss. Texas and her group.  These are Historical Texas Treasures!

A pilot for a TV series costs $300,000. If we are able to raise $300,000 on this party, we will make the pilot which can be shown on TV or on digital networks that have as many as 3 million viewers. If we are unable to raise the money for the pilot, we will do a book which can be shown digitally with stories of 10 Houstonians who made it against the odds. In this 
publication, we will list the most salient points that it takes to start and run a business.

Houston and hopefully all Texas schools will put this book in their libraries and incorporate it in their educational format.

                    Historical Texas Treasures is merely the custodian 
for the funds raised from this project.

The series will be produced by Hollywood professionals 

The book will be written and produced by known Houston writers

Gayle Fallon, Former CEO of the Texas Teachers Union is on the board of Historical Texas Treasures. She and her committee of well-known Texas educators will oversee and run this project. Houston Magazines and Newspapers have agreed to cooperate with us and print stories from our series. 

This is a win-win proposition for Houston and the first steps taken to digitally educate those who the current system has failed. The Wall Street Journal stated that one-fifth of 
college-educated Americans are unable to get a job. 
The movie 'Joy' tells a story of an uneducated single mom with no college degree who sold a self-wringing mop and rose to buy the QVC network. She had many lessons to learn on her journey. It is these lessons we want to share digitally with those equally handicapped.  If she can do it, our vets, single 
moms and high school drop outs can do it too.



FEBRUARY 4, 2017 6:00PM - 11:00PM