What we are going to do is provide the tools of how, so you can do it for yourself. How to survive without an education, without help and without money requires hard work and perseverance. If you fall, get up and go on. Honest hard work, not crime, works.

are an abundance of priceless and fascinating stories that are not making it onto TV.  When the heroes and heroines of these stories tell them, people listen spellbound.  It would be transformational to get these on the air where millions can see, giving millions hope. True stories! People actually did it. That’s real life.

My friend, the championship boxer George Foreman – who taught himself to read at age 16! -- Has written a spectacular book – Knockout Entrepreneur https://www.amazon.com/Knockout-Entrepreneur-Nelsonfree-George-Foreman/dp/B0046LUOZK that lays out the “how to,” one- two-three, to make 
it however little you start with. When you confront failure, do this to pick yourself up. When you experience success, do that. When you want to start a business, do this. When you want to grow your business, do that. You will fail.  Get up, go on, next time you will win.

The key lies in our 
knowing, and communicating, that any good person can succeed if they have the tools and in providing those tools. People are amazing. If we believe in people right here or anywhere and give them the skills and tools they need, the vast majority will succeed. I know this as a person, as a woman, and as a mom and grandmother. My chief blessings and joy include my two sons and three grandchildren who are my inspiration, including Beau and Stanisse King, Beau II, Becket and Robert among my Inspiration and Joy.

Believing in people and giving them the simple tools to succeed through their own hard work is the secret ingredient 
ofmy recipes for world peace and for prosperity.  There. You now are in on my secret to working miracles: help people help themselves.  


Joanne King Herring