Denman Moody - Wine Connoisseur and Author

Chef Eric Aldis - Executive Chef

Chef Aldis began his career at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, where he quickly climbed the ranks before the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans recruited him to work as a sous chef in the hotel’s signature restaurant, Victor’s. The Bellagio Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas offered Chef Aldis the opportunity to direct culinary operations for several of the hotel’s outlets. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, Chef Aldis served on a Bellagio task force commissioned to spearhead the reopening of the company’s Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi, which had sustained significant damage.

The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans courted Chef Aldis to return for its reopening following the hurricane as the youngest Chef de Cuisine, and responsible for overseeing the hotel’s new signature restaurant, Mélange. Under his direction, the restaurant garnered many prestigious awards and glowing accolades from international industry publications, including City Magazine: “Top 101 Restaurants in the U.S.,” Vogue Entertaining & Travel AU: “19 Cool Hotels in the World,” and Conde Nast Traveller UK: “Hot List- 65 Best Hotels in the World.”

Chef Aldis then made a bold career move that, to some, seemed a surprising diversion from the traditional chef career path. He saw an opportunity to explore a different approach to the business and accepted a position as the executive chef with the Turtle Restaurant in the much smaller market of Brownwood, Texas. There, Chef Aldis worked with local farmers and ranchers to create menu selections using fresh, homegrown products in an intimate community setting.

Later, Chef Aldis returned to his hometown of Houston and continued pursuing his culinary passions at the popular Mark’s American Cuisine, before joining Mo’s as executive chef and general manager, where he worked with American Master Chef Ken Arnone. As the executive chef at Mo’s, Chef Aldis brought his vast background with premium dining brands and sustainable food practices to the upscale steakhouse.

The adventure of the Mississippi River has called to many men. Chef Aldis was drawn to it through the adventure of great food. He joined the team of the Apollo - American Queen as executive chef. This five-star paddleboat cruise ship on the Mississippi offered opportunities to create menus and concepts with French Master Chef Bernard Cuillier and work with renowned Chef Regina Charboneau. Chef Aldis’ work earned him mention in both the New York Times and the Miami Harold.

No stranger to bold career moves, Chef Aldis’ next venture would take him into the catering industry and provide him with great experience in creating total operations, as well as culinary development. His company Aldis Hospitality offered global remote site
catering to oil and energy camps, vessels, rigs and disaster relief.

Chef Aldis returned back to his home in Houston, with quite a diverse portfolio of culinary experience. The Marque, Houston’s premier business social club recruited Chef Aldis and Chef Mark Cox to create the restaurant’s signature cuisine. Chef Aldis placed an emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible to craft thoughtful dishes, often reflective of his Texas heritage.

Chef Aldis was recently recruited by Corner Table in River Oaks to take the helm as their executive chef. Chef Aldis is also the culinary partner and executive chef for Agave Rio in Katy. He is excited about the menu he created, which includes using fresh and local
ingredients with southwestern American creole influences. The venue also provides catering for hundreds of weddings that take place at the Agave Estates venues on the property. There are more irons in the fire for Chef Aldis in Katy with recently being
named Director of Culinary for Bonchon Chicken, an international fried chicken chain new to Katy with five locations slated for Houston.

In addition to the multiple kitchens of restaurants Chef Aldis is presently overseeing, you will be able to catch him on TV soon, as he recently finished a pilot for his Potluck TV show that is currently being pitched to major networks. All of his culinary experience 
has lead Chef Aldis to embracing his love of meat, as he joins pitmaster Brett Jackson in opening his own restaurant, Midtown Barbeque. Together they are certain to make their mark on the booming barbeque scene in Houston.

Denman Moody was the Editor and Publisher of “Moody’s Wine Review” for six years and Contributing Editor on Rare Wine for “International Wine Review” in New York for six years.  He has published or had published over 400 articles on wine, including “The International Wine and Food Society Journal” in London, “Revue du Vin de France” in Paris and “The Robb Report” in Los Angeles.  He is or has been a member of The International Wine and Food Society, Confrerie Saint-Etienne d’Alsace, The German Wine Society, Commanderie de Bordeaux, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Les Amis d’Escoffier and The Knights of the Vine.

He has won many honors including two Lifetime Achievement Awards, and his book “The Advanced Oenophile” was awarded a Pinnacle Achievement Award.  Denman has successfully hosted or co-hosted hundreds of wine tastings for Houston businesses and charities over the years.  Denman is a connoisseur and a great entertainer when it comes to discussing food and wine.